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Dual adapter that converts one IDE to two CompactFlash slots

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Here is an easy way to replace hard disk drives with solid state storage in existing systems. This is a convenient interface that allows CompactFlash modules to be used in any system that includes a standard IDE 40 pin connector. Once the platform starts with the adapter and the CF card attached, the compactflash module appears to the system to be a standard disk drive. Unlike other flash storage systems such DiskOn-Chip modules this solution does not require drivers or additional software to run the unit. The CF card can be the primary boot device containing the OS and application. A cable (not supplied) between the system and the adapter board makes it possible to mount the adapter to a front-panel bay.

This Adapter contains 2 CompactFlash slots with ejectors, allowing to mount simultaneously 2 modules. Only one 40 pin IDE connector is required. The devices are addressed as master/slave disks. Top is master (device 0) and bottom is slave (device 1).

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Dual adapter that converts one IDE to two CompactFlash slots
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