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ROM Emulator - Backup Boot Flash Kit-SO8W SBK01

Stock #: SBK01


The Backup Boot Flash Kit is used as a Serial Flash Emulator for easy code development to reduce your time to market. Our Backup Boot Flash tool (included) can be connected on the Main Serial flash package soldered on board by using our SO8 Test Clip (included) or on our SMT 1.27mm Pin Header (included) soldered in place of the Main Serial flash footprint for a better stability. Your application will work automatically on the backup Serial Flash inserted in our tool socket that can be changed easily or even updated easily for new trials with our SF100 programmer (included). Our Kit is completely transparent for the application and will offer to developer high flexibility for memories trials or update. The Kit is frequently used to boot failing computers and use the Flash Utility tools to update the corrupted Bios memory.

SO8 (Small Outline 8-pin)

SO8W (Small Outline 8-pin Wide)


  • 1 x SF100 Programmer (SF100)
  • 1 x Backup Boot Flash with SO8W socket (BBF-8W)
  • 1 x BBF testclip (BBF-TC-8)
  • 1 x BBF cable with 2.54mm pitch 2x5 female header
  • 2 x 1.27mm pitch 2x4 SMT male header
  • 1 x 2.54mm(2x5) to 1.27mm(2x4) cable adaptor

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ROM Emulator - Backup Boot Flash Kit-SO8W SBK01
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