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ALIX Mini-ITX Computer Board

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The essential components of an ALIX based computer are the same as a regular desktop PC.
This Mini-ITX motherboard from PC Engines is a versatile x86 platform. This highly integrated motherboard is shrunk down to 170 x 170mm, which is slightly larger than the size of a CDROM.
ALIX can perform as a single purpose devices like a Network storage server, CarPC industrial, scientific, or lab instrumentation package, and many more applications. (see below)
The board has a range of I/O ports available: 2 serial, 4 USB, keyboard/mouse, audio, VGA, 10/100 LAN, IDE ports. It includes more advanced boards features such on-board CompactFlash and MiniPCI enabling additional add-ons like video capture cards, extra network or wireless interfaces.
This embedded system is small, low profile, ergonomic, and affordable.
ALIX is suitable for a number of applications.


  • Thin client
  • Industrial single board computers (SBC)
  • Light server
  • CarPC
  • Car stereo system
  • Digital signage
  • Kiosks
  • Gaming
  • Data logging
  • Communications
  • Network monitoring
  • Network attached storage server
  • Multi camera home security system
  • Home automation computer
  • Information and entertainment systems
  • Point of sales
  • Industrial controller
  • Machine vision
  • Harsh environment PCs
  • Medical
  • Robotics
  • compact fan-less barebones system
  • etc...

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ALIX Mini-ITX Computer Board
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